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It’s a quality mattress with medium density foam covered with attractive quilted damask textile cover. Quilted cover provides additional protection both to the foam and textile. Ideal for homes and guest house.   For body weight under 80kg.  The thickness is between 6-20,3,4 inches. Available in sizes between 7ft-3ft by 6ft.

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Additional information

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6ft x 3.5ft x 8inches, 6ft x 3ft x 4inches, 6ft x 3ft x 6inches, 6ft x 3ft x 8inches, 6ft x 4.5ft x 10inches, 6ft x 4.5ft x 12inches, 6ft x 4.5ft x 14inches, 6ft x 4.5ft x 16inches, 6ft x 4.5ft x 18inches, 6ft x 4.5ft x 20inches, 6ft x 4.5ft x 8inches, 6ft x 4ft x 8inches, 6ft x 5ft x 10inches, 6ft x 5ft x 12inches, 6ft x 5ft x 8inches, 6ft x 6ft x 10inches, 6ft x 6ft x 12inches, 6ft x 6ft x 14inches, 6ft x 6ft x 16inches, 6ft x 6ft x 18inches, 6ft x 6ft x 20inches, 6ft x 6ft x 8inches, 6ft x 7ft x 10inches, 6ft x 7ft x 12inches, 6ft x 7ft x 14inches, 6ft x 7ft x 16inches, 6ft x 7ft x 18inches, 6ft x 7ft x 20inches, 6ft x 7ft x 8inches, 7ft x 7ft x 10inches, 7ft x 7ft x 12inches, 7ft x 7ft x 8inches

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